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MISTI 5835 m

MISTI  5 835 m.

Ø  Via: Miguel Grau
Ø  Degree of difficulty: No technical difficulty. Good physical condition
Ø  Duration: 2D / 1N
Ø  Type of Service: POOL Shared Service.

FIRST DAY: Pick up from the hotels early and departure from Arequipa. Arrival at the end of the mobility on the 3 400 m. Beginning of ascension after adaptation to height change. Arrival to Base Camp "Pyramid" at 4 610 m. Installation of the Camp. Dinner. Overnight.

SECOND DAY: Early breakfast. Beginning of the Ascension. Walking food. Arrival to the summit before noon. Spectacular view of the Volcanic mountain range del Sur of Peru. Return, arrival to base camp and descent to mobility. Arrival in Arequipa in the afternoon.


- Tent                           - Sleeping bag                           - Cowl covers
- Flask                          - First aid kit                             - Front lamp
- Piolet                         - Crampons                               - Large backpack
- Outerwear                  - Kitchenware                           - Small backpack
- Sunglasses                 - Walking sticks                        - Dishes, cups, spoons

- 5 liters

- Soups and creams
- Mashed potatoes, precooked quinoa, oats
- Pasta (spaghetti or noodles)
- Canned tuna steak
- Chicken meat, eggs, cheese
- Tomato sauce
- Tea, chamomile, anise, lemon grass, coffee, coca mate

III.- WALKING FOOD (suggested)
- Assorted cookies (sweet and salty), bread
- Dried fruits and fresh fruits
- Ham, cheese, jam
- Chocolates, nougat and assorted caramels.


- Official Mountain Guide
- Porter (optional if requested by the client)

- Mobility 4 x 4 (depending on the number of passengers)

- A dinner the first day
- A breakfast the second day

Camping and mountain equipment
- Two-person tents, crampons, ice axes, flask, kitchen utensils.

Safety equipment
- First aid kit, radios, cell phones.


- Sleeping bag, sunglasses, walking sticks, head lamp, boots, large backpack, small backpack
- Lunch (Lunch)
- Porter

Ø  Boots, sticks and backpacks can be rented at s / 20.00 per equipment.
Ø  Headlights and sunglasses to s / 10.00 per equipment.
Ø  The porter service is 200.00 soles for two days.


• The Main Guide will coordinate with the Auxiliary Guide and / or porters the descent of the passenger who decides to return to the Base Camp due to tiredness or others, so that he does not walk alone in the mountains. Customers will bring all their personal equipment on the day of the ascent, such as warm clothing, crampons, ice axes, water, sunglasses, etc.
• On the first day the porters (if they have them) will only carry the tents, water and food, with a maximum of 20 kg. By contracted carrier. Customers will bring all their personal equipment such as sleeping bags, etc.
• If any member of the group (Client) decides to descend to Arequipa before the General Program, the costs of this decision as transport, food, lodging, etc. Will be assumed by the latter.
• If there are changes in the Itinerary due to weather, physical, mental and technical conditions, they will not be the responsibility of the organization D. S. 028-2004 Mountain Guides REGULATIONS.
• Personal Equipment such as warm clothing, sunglasses, backpacks, walking sticks, boots, crampons, etc. They are not included in the service.
• Movements 4 x 4 after leaving the passengers will return to Arequipa to board the next day and at the agreed time.